Three-in-One: #DP Camp Hanukkah Lamps Reunited

This image shows three different copies of a Hanukkah lamp made in Germany in 1947 to honor Jewish survivors and the organization and individuals tending to their needs in the aftermaths of the Second World War.

Each copy of the lamp was based on the same mold, but carries different inscriptions. (See a previous post for more information).


The copy on the right is part of the holdings of The Magnes Collection (UC Berkeley); the one on the left is in the collection of Yad Vashem (Jerusalem); and the one at the top, in print, is featured in a publication of the Jüdisches Museum München (Germany).

The three copies were “reunited” during a meeting of the Mapping Diaspora Working Group that featured presentations by Andrea Sinn and Greg Niemeyer (image by Greg Niemeyer).


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